Driving License Conversion

?Who can convert his/her Driving License

A  new immigrant ("ole hadash"), a tourist, a temp resident and a returning citizen can drive in Israel with a valid foriegn driving license in the first year from entering the country, in a vehicle as per a driver's license permit and subject to meeting  the Israeli minmum driving age of seventeen

To convert a foreign driver's license to an Israeli driver’s license, you must take a practical driving test ("Mivchan Shlita"). You are entitled to take this test up to two times per each requested vehicle-type, but if you fail twice you will need to meet the theoretical and practical tests of a new driver, except that you will not need to meet a minimum lessons requirement


?What needs to be presented in order to convert a driving licens


Your process starts at the optical store in order to obtain the relevant form ("tofes yarok") and conduct an eye examination. Get the green form at Dizengoff center (floor minus 1 - ROEEM SHAKUF) or at Optica Halperin in Ibn Gvirol 93, Tel Aviv 

You will also need to go through a medical examination by a physician. Additional required forms are an ID or passport and a valid foreign driving license

For a new immigrant (ole hadash), also required a new immigrant certificate ("teudat ole"). Note that the conversion must take place within 3 years from Aliya

For a temp resident - permission to stay in the country. Note that conversion must take place within one year from entering the country

For a returning citizen - both an Israeli ID and a passport indicating when the citizen left the country and returned to it. Note that the conversion must take place within a year subject to staying out of the country at least 6 consecutive months and that the foreign license is valid for at least 6 months

For a tourist (also without an israeli ID number*) - a visa with a permision to stay in Israel at least 3 months. Note that the conversion must take place within a year from entering the country and also make sure that your license is in English. Otherwise have it translated to Hebrew

 If you do no have an ID number, you need to obtain one first. Go with your passport, visa and driver's license to the nearest office of licensing and ask for a temporary identification number


?What is the practical test

A quick 15 minutes driving test. The wait time for the test is up to two weeks. Although the test is not difficult, since you cannot afford to fail in it more than twice, it is highly recommended to take one or two lessons in order to refresh your driving skills, get to know the test zone and make sure that you lose bad habits that you might have adopted along the years and can lead you to such failure


?How to order a practical test

Just come over to one of our SMARTDRIVE centers

Bring along with you the forms mentioned above  - esspecially your ID or passport, "tofes yarok" and driver's license. See you soon

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